What Our Clients Say



Hire this guy!

“Attorney Loren Pincus did a fantastic job with every aspect of my case. He handled everything from day 1 and kept me informed throughout the process. He did not take the first offer from the insurance company and fought until we settled at the maximum liability payment the plan would allow. I highly recommend him”

– Justin



Knowledgeable and Professional

“Loren Pincus was a consummate professional from start to finish while handling my case. The way Loren was able to keep me informed, provide me with all of the details of my case and explain my options in a way that I could fully understand was impressive to say the least. I felt complete trust and confidence in Loren’s abilities throughout the entirety of my case. In the end Loren Pincus proved that trust and confidence was extremely well founded by delivering a resolution to my case that FAR EXCEEDED my expectations.”

– Eric



An Incredible Attorney

“Loren Pincus is as good of an attorney that you can have work for you. He has a tireless work ethic with vast knowledge of the law. I think that without Loren my case does not have the outcome that it did. You cannot go wrong with Loren Pincus on your side! Thanks Loren”

– Mark



Professional, Compassionate and Thorough

“I had never been in a car accident and the only thing I knew about lawyers were the big names I heard on commercials. That all changed when I was in an accident and needed help. I reached out to Josh and immediately knew that I was in good hands. Josh’s main concern was my health and well-being. I received multiple calls a week to check in with not just how I was feeling but also to let me know where things were at with my case. Josh and Loren were extremely professional throughout the entire process and I could not imagine the pain and financial position I would be in had I not contacted them”

– Jessica



Loren got my life back to normal

“As someone who had never been in a serious car accident before, I can’t begin to describe how great it was to work with Loren. From my first consultation, I felt like I had someone on my side to help me understand the situation, why it was happening, and the steps to take moving forward.

This feeling was only affirmed as our legal adventures continued, as the at-fault party’s insurance company made every step of the process as difficult as possible with every opportunity. With each setback came a face-to-face conversation to put my mind at ease, where Loren would always give me his 100% honest opinion.

Loren empowered me as the client to make decisions that were best for myself and my family, while also inspiring confidence and trust in the case that we had built together. In all, it took 22 months to reach a settlement, but we were awarded with nothing less than what we always had agreed on together as a team. That is a testament to Loren’s commitment and perseverance, and proof that he will be nothing but the ultimate advocate for you.

I can now walk away from the last two years knowing that I made the right choice, in both standing strong to be awarded what I felt was justified and fair, and in hiring an attorney to make that happen.

Thank you Loren, so very much, for helping turn my life around. I’m so appreciative to have worked with you.”

– Bruce



Forever Grateful!

“I thought all hope was lost until I talked with Mr Pincus about my auto accident. I was bullied into thinking the accident was my fault even though the police stated I was not at fault. Mr Pincus was informative and responsive to my situation and questions. He fought for my rights and found me a great chiropractor as well. I almost lost hope and gave up fighting the insurance companies to simply repay me for the out of pocket cost, but Mr Pincus was able to get me a settlement to more than cover my expenses. I never would have received a penny from the insurance company without the help of Mr Pincus!”

– Alyana




“Josh is the best attorney anyone can have, he works hard to get the best of results. He sincerely exceeded my expectations, I recommend him 100%.”

– Claudia



Amazing experience

“I was in an accident and was totally lost as to what to do. All I knew was that I was in pain. I reached out to Loren, and immediately I felt at ease. Loren guided me and helped me navigate the legal seas. Loren was professional, timely and respectful. I felt as though I was really being listened to with what I needed to get better. For Loren, his biggest concern was my health and healing, and it clearly showed. I cannot recommend him enough.”

– Dylan



He’s literally the BEST LAWYER IN TAMPA!

“This was my 2nd accident in which he was my legal representative. Although my case was a long tedious process, I am proud to say I am happy Loren worked on my case. He took the time to explain in detail whatever issues came up and he was very personable, easy to contact and got back to me in a timely manner when I had questions about my case. Take note (this is my 2nd auto accident and this is the SECOND TIME he was my lawyer). I would not choose anyone else, I thank him kindly as he went above and beyond for a successful settlement”

– Lamonia



Took the stress away from a stressful situation

“We were quickly getting overwhelmed with trying to manage everything involved with our car accident, we weren’t having great luck communicating with our insurance company. He called us back while he was on vacation and met with us after he returned. He took over, all the stress out of us having to coordinate with insurance companies was gone and we were able to focus on us. I wanted someone to be our advocate, to make sure we weren’t taken advantage of or dismissed by the insurance companies and Loren went above and beyond”

– Heather



Excellent Attorney Who Gets Results

“My experience with Loren was extremely positive. I was involved in two separate auto accidents only months apart where I sustained some injuries. Both times the other person was at fault. I would have never known my rights and how to proceed with getting the care I needed if it wasn’t for Loren. Beginning with the initial consultation Loren always listened carefully to what I had to say. He was very personable and made me feel like he had my best interests in mind. Throughout the process he always provided guidance, advice and laid out all of the options in front of me. He was both patient when necessary and aggressive with the insurance companies when the situation called for it. These are two qualities that I would expect to see in a good lawyer and Loren exhibited both. He was always responsive when I needed to call or email him and I never felt like I was just another case he was working on. I feel very fortunate that I choose Loren to help me through this process and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a smart, savvy and experienced attorney.”

– Tony



Empathetic, Supportive, Affordable!

“Loren Pincus did a phenomenal job from start to finish. He was empathic, supportive, dedicated, resourceful, and brilliant. He dedicated numerous hours to our case for an affordable rate. Loren was a huge blessing. I truly can’t express how wonderful Loren is professionally and interpersonally. He is a truly compassionate person and an amazingly skilled attorney.”

– Sarah